Michael K. Petty

Biographical Information of
Michael K. Petty, MBA

Mr. Petty had over 42 years of federal service in health care administration. He spent over 21 years in health care administration in the United States Air Force, serving in both stateside and overseas assignments. He received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Health Care Administration from the California State University and College, Sacramento, CA, and his Master’s in Business Administration from Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA.

Upon retiring from the Air Force in 1981, Mr. Petty held health care management positions in Grays Harbor and Seattle, Washington, and returned to the federal health care system at Madigan Army Medical Center, Ft. Lewis, WA in 1986. Mr. Petty has held various management positions within Madigan to include Chief, Coordinated Care Division (the Army’s managed care functional activity), where he helped the medical center make significant operational changes as part of the Department of Defense health care reform program. Upon the creation of the DoD Regions and Lead Agent structure in 1993, Mr. Petty helped establish the Office of the Lead Agent in Region 11, and in the fall of 1994 assumed the position of Strategic Planning Officer, Office of the Lead Agent. In 1996 Mr. Petty became the regional point of contact for the Medicare Demonstration project, and with the implementation of TRICARE Senior Prime in 1997, was appointed the Deputy for Plan Administration. In March 2002 management of TRICARE Alaska was transferred from Region 12 to Region 11 and Mr. Petty was designated the Regional Program Manager. With the transition to the Multi-Service Market Office and the establishment of the TRICARE Puget Sound market on June 1, 2004, Mr. Petty was selected to be the Chief, Business Operations.

Since leaving federal service in 2007 Mr. Petty has been involved in community service activities with the Olympia Host Lions Club, serving as their Treasurer. He joined the Madigan Foundation in 2009 and was elected Secretary. His area of focus within the foundation is the Vision Support Program.