Young Heroes Awards 2016

        Twelve special children and two young adults who are challenged with medical disabilities were recently honored at a ceremony at Madigan Army Medical Center.
        The Young Heroes were chosen from a list of nominees submitted by the staff and families of the Pediatric Department.
        The ceremony was held at MAMC on May 7 in Letterman Auditorium which was filled with families, friends, staff and honored guests.  Speakers included the Madigan Commander, Col Michael Place; the Chief of Pediatrics, Col LaRanee Braun; the President of the Madigan Foundation,
        Col (Ret) Dave Soma.
        As each child was introduced, the nominating doctor talked of their courage in front of a slide show of the child’s pictures.  They were each presented a certificate and an engraved medal and gifts from the Madigan Foundation.  Two young adults were each honored with a
        renewable $1000 scholarship.
        HONOREES:        Earnest Washington               
                                   Mark Arnold               
                                   Colin Mayo
                                   Cayden Scott
                                   Kaleb Jones 
                                  Chad Ralston              
                                  Chymaera Bostick 
                                   Isabel Ramos
                                  Jalisa Williams 
                                  Michaela Lawson    
                                  Ethan Aguirre
                                  Logan Lynch
        SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS:            Kay Ajifu
                                                             Deanette Compton
        A reception followed with food and family pictures.  It was a wonderful, heart-warming event.
        The Madigan Foundation thanks all the volunteers who worked so hard to make this day special for the children and their families.
View photos from the event in the photo gallery.