Support and Assistance Programs

To Support Military Patients and Families

Childcare Voucher Program

The Foundation purchases hourly childcare vouchers from the Childcare Development Centers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. These vouchers are distributed to families unable to afford childcare during behavioral health appointments at the McChord Behavioral Health Center and the Child and Family Assistance (CAFAC) program on Ft. Lewis. Both of these programs provide behavioral health services to children, families, and spouses of active duty soldiers. Their goal is to provide families with an easily accessible and professional counseling service.

Vouchers are also distributed to soldiers who need childcare assistance during appointments at the Soldier Readiness Center as well as through psychologists seeing patients via primary care clinics at MAMC.

Meals for Nursing Mothers

If an infant in their first month of life is re- admitted, federal regulations do not allow the hospital to provide meals to the mother while she is providing free meals to the patient. The Foundation provides free meals to nursing mothers during this first month.

Gift Cards

The Foundation provides gift cards to families who are in need of supplementary funds, especially during the Holidays. Additionally, we have partnered with the Fisher House in providing gift cards to families who find themselves travelling unexpectedly, and need assistance with food and lodging expenses.

Taxi Service

We provide a voucher for use with the Pacific Northwest Dispatch for transportation from the emergency room or to/from cancer treatments. This is intended for patients or family members who arrive in the emergency room and have no way home, or for patients too ill to transport themselves to cancer treatments and with no other means of transport. To request a voucher, contact the front desk in the emergency room or oncology.

Coffee Service

All military members departing or returning from deployment must complete a medical evaluation. We provide free beverages in the waiting room where these evaluations take place.

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Clinic
  • Children and Family Assistance Clinic (CAFAC)
  • Warrior Transtition Battalion (WTB)

Gas Cards

We provide gas cards to oncology patients to help them with the cost of gas for multiple trips to the hospital for treatment.

Dental Screening For Children  

Since 2012, the Foundation has supported the Lindquist Dental Clinic screening program at the elementary schools on JBLM.  In 2012 and again in 2013, approximately 325 children at the Greenwood Elementary School were screened and many received fluoride and sealant treatments.  Parents of children found to have other dental needs are encouraged to seek appropriate care.  The Foundation is expanding its support to a second school in 2014 and hopes to be able to do so for all 6 elementary schools on JBLM in the near future